Full Collapse - Playlist - 17.09.2010

    • Offizieller Beitrag

    underoath - you're ever so inviting

    a sklylit drive - eva the carrier

    yellowcard - way away

    something corporate - punk rock princess

    rise against - swing life away

    lostprophets - rooftops

    bfmv - hand of blood

    alexisonfire - get fighted

    we are the emergency - hello my name is distance,

    as I lay dying - parallels

    war from a h.. mouth - uptown girl

    miss may I - swing

    dredg - ode to sun

    caliban - I will never let you down

    alesana - red and dying evening

    xafbx - sinking ships

    escape the fate - ashley

    bmth - diamonds aren't forever

    the used - I caught fire

    cobra starship - the city is at war

    broadway - redeeming a monster

    a day to remember - downfall of us all

    parkway drive - romance is dead

    beneath the sky - in loving memory

    yashin - down but homeward bound

    silverstein - if you could see into my soul

    dashboard confessional - hands down

    caliban - I will rape myself

    silverstein - vices

    coheed and cambria - a favor house atlantic

    panic at the disco - there is a good reason...

    36 crazyfists - midnight swim

    august burns red - up against the ropes

    taking back sunday - cute without the e'

    emery - the smile the face

    ignite - live for better days

    his statue falls - give it up

    story of the year - and the hero will drown

    adept - business of a living

    yashin - everytime

    his statue falls - give it up

    enter shikari - juggernauts

    boysetsfire - my life in the knife trade

    bayside - blame it on bad luck

    casino madrid - running with scissors

    rise against - saviour

    chiodos - all nereids beware

    taking back sunday - you're so last summer

    asking alexandria - candelight dinner..

    story of the year - until the day I die

    five finger death punch - ashes

    all that remains - this calling

    a day to remember - the plot to bomb the panhandle

    tbs - make damn sure

    tdwp - number three never forget

    something corporate - konstantine

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