Foxblood - The Devil, The Dark & The Rain (Cover and more..)

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    Chris Millward über das Cover des Albums:


    "When looking at the cover, you have three components, three ideas; The Devil, The Dark, and The Rain. I personally viewed this as a trio of acts playing out a complete story. Act one being The Devil; the temptation & the idea of sin. Act two is The Dark; the shit hitting the fan moment and initial conflict, whatever that may be. Three is, of course, The Rain; the resolution, and not necessarily a profoundly happy resolution at that."


    “These three ideas are all very personal to me. The Devil draws a religious parallel of sorts to someone’s will to sin, but is separate from the conventional religious context, and is more about our vices, our addictions, our regrets. The Dark is the masquerade mask and it is faceless. We represented this as a white elegant, graceful character because it [darkness] moves within us freely. The Rain is the one in the gas mask. That’s sickness and the slow decline to death, to toxicity, to depression."

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    Die Lyrics hängen scheinbar mit dem von Chris Millward veröffentlichten Buch "The Sound of Rain in a Graveyard" | 6 April 2015 zusammen..

    "A warning to the reader: I send this to you because it has moved me, and believe it may move you too. The following may leave a bad taste in your mouth, a lurch in your stomach, or a peace of mind that you may never have known. Parts of it may offend you, make you uncomfortable, or shine a very bright light on things lurking in your conscience. For this, I make no apologies. This, to me anyway, is symmetry in disarray, and took me on a painful, dark, confrontational ride to corners of my brain I didn't know existed and then back again to a place I didn't recognise upon my return. I think you will find this to be darkly romantic, gracefully sinister, and harshly beautiful in a way that you won't have seen before. I believe there are places in ourselves that we refuse to go, and this story drags you by the neck to the edge of your sanity and forces you to look into your madness so that when you turn around, you see the very sunshine in a different shade and realise that perhaps the world around you is as colourful as you make it. So I beseech you, nay, dare you, to walk hand-in-hand with my troubled mind for a while, and see how you feel when you come out the other side. You might need this far more than you know."

    ISBN: 9781502936714

    ISBN-10: 1502936712

    Audience: General
    Format: Booklet
    Language: English
    Number Of Pages: 98
    Published: 6th April 2015
    Country of Publication: US

    Dimensions (cm): 20.32 x 12.7
    x 0.64

    Weight (kg): 0.11


    "When I say that the lyrics have been taken from a complete body of work, I mean that they've been lines from varying pieces and have been adapted for the songs" clarifies Millward. "The initial words remain. When I'm writing, I do have a certain...feeling and vibe in mind. When you take that and apply the music to it, it creates a whole new context and you can find a whole new perspective on it. When anyone listens to our record and this narrative, I only hope they find whatever they want out of it. I've heard from a few different people about their interpretations, especially Die Young, and I enjoy hearing that. Becuase the music doesn't owe you anything and it doesn't make any promises, and you can take away from it whatever you want. That's what I one hundred percent want people to get out of this - whatever they want." - Chris Millward


    "As a kid, I loved sitting down with a new album and going through the lyric booklet as the songs went by. That's something I don't do anymore, which bums me out. I think having the lyrics there in the physical copies and having people be able to go through the music and the lyrics will be a win for us. I loved the visual and physical elements of music; I love that there can be so much more than the music itself." <3

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    zu "Die Young" - Verhältnis von The Devil, The Dark & The Rain

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    Director/Cinematographer - Ed Reiss

    Zitat von Chris Millward

    In every shot of every of every clip or every line of every song, it is all calculated. Everything is there for a reason, and it has to be as profound as it can be in every moment. I wanted this consistent universe that the album and the videos take place in. On that particular night, and with filming the clip for Die Young, it was actually so emotionally draining that I had a breakdown in the living room. I was just lying there in the fetal position. Because that film clip is so genuine, it was like dragging myself through hell each time we did it. But ironically, it was easiest that way”, concludes the singer with a slight chuckle.

    Interpretation von killyourstereo:

    The Rain kills himself in front of Millward, and later on when The Dark is shown killing The Rain but is seemingly unaware of her actions. The narrative implication here being The Devil has set her down this path to committing manslaughter, as he claps at her anguish and remorse. Her shaking hands and body language implies her regret, and that she perhaps wasn't aware of her violent actions.


    "With The Rain character in that clip, he actually represents an age, a constant timeline in the clip that we die a thousand times over on our way to death. He’s constantly on his way to his passing is how we are all careening towards an eventual end. Something’s going to kill you one day, all you can do is paint it with a theatrical undertone. It is a bleak universe, but some people live with that for their whole lives”. - Chris Millward


    Die am Ende des Videos lesbare Zeile "I said that I was sorry, I didn't say I could change" findet sich im ersten Track des Albums "Hurricane Hearts".

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    Chris Millward über seinen Gesang:

    “I don’t have a solid vocal technique, and I never have. I started when I was 15 and I used to sing along to Senses Fail’s Let It Enfold You [<3], and there is just no control on that whatsoever. My whole life, I’ve just been trying to make noises with natural voice, which is probably why people say that I either sound fucking terrible or that they’ve never heard vocals like this before”, laughs Millward.

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