A Face For Radio

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    Eine Band die 2010 eine tolle EP "Phone Home" veröffentlicht hat, aber leider bereits 2012 wieder die Segel streichen musste:


    Hey guys, Wade here... Just wanted to provide you with an official statement as to why we have just recently announced the "indefinate hiatus" of A Face For Radio. When we relocated the band from TX to NY, we were able to acquire a solid lineup within the first few months. Soon after, we played our rebirth show at Queens College on November 17th. Since then we have played NJ and upstate NY many times, Long Island, Brooklyn, and CT with great bands whom we have made lifelong friends with. Amidst all the shows and regional touring we had been doing since the relocation, we were coming up on the 2 year anniversary mark of the release of our debut album entitled, "E.P. Phone Home" and were in dire need to write/demo/get into the studio and record new material for our follow-up. We wrote 1 song collectively as a full band (A Little Thing Called Gravity), took an older song that we had written back in Texas and tweaked it, and also did the same to a song our guitarist, Nick, had written a few years back. We demoed all 3 of these songs in the studio, but held off on releasing them until now just because we weren't 100% stoked on them in different aspects and pushed ourselves to make the songs better and continue writing new stuff. At that point, progress became stagnant, members were tied up in school/work/busy schedules and just couldn't take the time out to have a regularly scheduled band practice where we did all of our writing, which all got carried over into us not being able to get time off for tour, recording, etc. My prayers were answered just last week, I (Wade), was offered a great job back home in Dallas/Fort Worth for the time being that I was unable to turn down and I have also joined forces with a new band from the midwest area of our great country, America! Be on the look out for that and all the guys in AFFR doing new things musically (we'll keep you posted). For now, who will we be seeing at our last show at the American Legion in Binghamton this Saturday?! We'll be posting crazy merch sales that we'll have going on at our table at the show or online in our BigCartel store. Thank you all for everything so much. WE LOVE YOU!!!

    1. It's Official, I'm Over It

    2. The Physically Impossible Task Of Watching Your Own Back

    3. Bearing The Bad News (All Damn Day)

    4. Old Pictures Of New Friends

    5. With God As My Witness

    Anspieltipp (textlich sehr passend; - für teilweise schon 2010. Für 2020-2022 umso mehr)

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