Arm's Length - Never Before Seen, Never Again Found (Album)

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    Arm's Lenght veröffentlichen am 28. Oktober 28 via Wax Bodega ihr Debüt - Album "Never Before Seen, Never Again Found" (nach zwei übelst tollen EPs)

    The album was produced by Anton DeLost (Seaway, Bearings, etc), and the first taste is "Object Permanence," a soaring, widescreen, 2000s-style emo/post-hardcore song that picks up where Everything Nice left off and pushes the band towards even bigger and better things. "This is one of our darkest and most heavy songs yet," vocalist Allen Steinberg says. "We still sought out to keep all of the melodic aspects, and tried to get better at storytelling in our lyrics. We hope you can resonate with the song in some shape, way or form. Blue beyond belief, baby." Check out the song and its video below.

    Speaking about the album overall, Allen says, "Never Before Seen, Never Again Found tells a story from start to finish. It’s a combination of sounds and topics we’ve experimented with before, but we think we’ve taken things to another level through song structure and more vivid storytelling. We truly hope anyone listening can relate to these songs and feel something when they listen."

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    1. Overture

    2. Object Permanence

    3. Aries (Moth Song)

    4. Tough Love

    5. Formative Age

    6. Muscle Memory

    7. Playing Mercy

    8. Everything As I Knew It

    9. In Loving Memory

    10. Family and Friends

    11. Dirge

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