Vacant Home - For The Last Time With Callum McGivern - 19.08.2020

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    0:12 - 2:27 Lament
    2:50 - 5:41 Heirloom
    6:54 - 8:26 Reflect, Respond
    9:12 - 11:45 Back Bay
    12:34 - 16:23 Shiver

    "At the start of 2019, we performed back at the Rosemount Hotel.
    At the time we couldn’t imagine that at the end of the same year we would be playing our final show with Callum."

    “As some of you may already know, I’ve decided to step away from Vacant Home.
    As much as it pained me to admit, a combination of factors saw me reach a point where I couldn’t give VH the effort, love and attention it needed and deserved.
    I’ve been able to travel across and see parts of this country I never thought I would have, played with some of my favourite bands from across the world and Australia and met and made friends with so many fantastic people, all from writing and playing music with my best mates.
    It was unbelievable to see lyrics I wrote in my bedroom tattooed on people’s skin and truly humbling to see the messages people sent through to us, telling of their stories of how our music has helped, impacted or resonated with them.
    Thank you to everyone who has helped or supported me and us in one way or another, especially Westy, Brown, Teagan, our families and friends, Lee Reader, Daybreak, Nate at Mutant League Records, Jeremy Pickett, Cody Brooks, Liam Allomes, Brandon Ward, Russo at Hammer Ink, Manny at Dreambound, Will and Jamie at Split Mask, along with many others.
    I’ve got nothing but love for the VH boys, and their new chapter is going to be the best one yet.”

    - Callum McGivern

    Callum has always been an integral part of Vacant Home; although his departure means a new chapter, in the coming months we hope to display a reflection of his work given to the band since the release of Knife’s Edge.
    Almost a year apart we recorded and filmed our last performance with Callum at the Rosemount Hotel. Here is our current rendition of a majority of the Reflect, Respond EP, a live cut consisting of Lament, Heirloom, Reflect Respond, Back Bay and Shiver.

    - Vacant Home

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