Biology - Making Moves [From Autumn To Ashes]

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    Laut Wikipedia ist bzw. eher war Biology eine Indie-Rock Band die 2005 das Album "Making Moves" auf Vagrant Records veröffentlicht hat.

    Sie bestand aus vor allem aus dem zu erwähenden Francis Mark von From Autumn To Ashes.

    Francis Mark - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano

    Josh Newton - lead guitar, backing vocals

    Dan Duggins - drums

    Cornbread Compton - drums

    Brian McTernan - bass, rhythm guitar

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    1. Programming the Populous

    2. Sophisdecay

    3. The Measure of My Worth

    4. Opinions Are Like Addictions

    5. Public Art

    6. Arbitrary Stimulation

    7. New English

    8. Born Again Virgins

    9. Employment

    10. When Future History Became Current History

    11. Damaged Goods

    • Offizieller Beitrag

    "I'll be the virus if you'll be the host." - Programming the Populous

    Tell me of the birth of Biology and why, when you already have From Autumn To Ashes did you decide on doing this?


    I inherited a nice acoustic guitar and learned to play. When I began writing music the songs that I composed were considerably different and I felt they needed to exist independently. FATA happened to take a short break in the fall of 2004 at which point Josh and I went to Maryland and spent a few weeks in the studio with our friends Brian Mcternan and Cornbread Compton. We would just stand in a room and play. When something sounded cool we hit record, ended up with an album and then sat on it for a year while we carried on touring with FATA.

    "...and we won't be impressed by pseudo intellect." - Sophisdecay

    Why the name Biology?


    I was studying Biology in college. The morning I was supposed to be taking finals I went to get tattooed instead. I dropped out the next day and I've been on tour since. I'd like to think I'm still studying life though.

    Whats it like playing guitar instead of drums and which did you learn first?


    I've been playing the drums much longer. I've only been playing guitar on and off for about 3 years. The drummer in me has this overwhelming urge to smash things. Smashing guitars gets expensive real quick.

    "...we're the type of cats that bring an axe to a knife fight." - The Measure of My Worth

    How do you come up with concepts for your songs?


    They often choose me, I don't choose them. Everything is at least partially autobiographical even if that isn't my intention. There is no way around it.

    You are very involved in art as your video expresses, how does this relationship evolve with your music? Don't you think that videos have become boring and uninnovated? What are some videos that stand out for you?


    I'm really bitter towards art at the moment because I tried to go see an opening for Ron English tonight at some snobby gallery in SOHO. Some dick at the front door wouldn't let us in because it was "invite only". Ron English built his art career by putting up his homemade billboard advertisements illegally in public places. Now that he has become a successful artist his work is no longer for the public I guess. It's invite only and the invited seemed to be a bunch of wealthy art collectors. To answer your other question I do think that a lot of videos are dull today. A part of the problem is that there isn't that big of a forum for music videos anymore. MTV and MTV2 isn't worth a damn unless you want to watch someone's room get raided or some fool pierce his ass shut. If channels aren't playing videos record companies are not going to put up a lot money to make them. Fuse TV is the last bit of hope for music videos. I like Floria Sigismondi's work. Red Hot Chili Peppers have had some cool videos the last couple of years too.

    "..we hate when conversation gets the back seat." - Public Art

    This band has a more mature sound about it, do you think other bands on Vagrant tend to pigeonhole its audience?


    Yes, but I think the Vagrant roster mold has been broken at this point. Especially with the additions of bands like The Lemonheads, The Hold Steady and The Futureheads.



    Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Muse, Drive Like Jehu, Sonic Youth, Wilco

    Whats the summer look like for Biology, will we be able to experience the magic?


    The summer looks pretty empty unfortunately. I'll be playing drums for both FATA and Reggie and The Full Effect on the Warped Tour. I have an album's worth of song idea's that I really want to start working on but it will have to wait for 2 months.

    "...youth is a waste and wisdom comes too late" - Employment

    You've been stated as having a dissatisfaction with the current state of music. Do you care to elaborate on this?


    I just think that a lot of musicians have figured out the formula to write songs that the masses can easily digest. You need to challenge people. Make them try new things. What I like about Biology is that a lot of people don't know whether or not they like it right away, but when they give it a chance I think it starts to make sense to them.

    Favorite piece of art and why?


    I love the drawings that hobos do with oil bars on the sides of freight trains, I love carvings done with pen knives on stone walls in Parisian alleyways. That kind of art is alive. Done just for the sake of doing it. The only paycheck personal satisfaction. The best art is all around you if you look hard enough.

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